"We are closer to G-d when we are asking the questions, than when we think we have the answers" Heschel

Sunday, May 30, 2010


FNQ – 5 q's of the week

In honor of the incredible achievement of the Phillies own Roy Haladay who pitched a perfect game yesterday, I wanted to pose some questions on the concept of perfection, as it pertains to our lives.

 In baseball, perfection is easy to define (perfect game = a pitcher who pitches a game without giving up a hit or a walk and there are no errors in the game). In baseball, perfection is also incredibly difficult to achieve (only 20 in the history of baseball!!!).

 In life though, perfection is very difficult to define and perhaps impossible to achieve. As Jews, we have one source to look to for the nature of perfection, that source is G-d. We know that He is perfect and we know a little about Him. In a certain way, the commandment to be like G-d is a command to be perfect, or at least to attempt to become perfect. Here are a few questions to ponder on the topic of perfection.

Come back later in the week for my imperfect thoughts on the topic of perfection. 

  1. A baseball player can pitch a perfect game even though he is not a perfect pitcher, can I have a perfect day, or a perfect moment even though I am an imperfect person?

  2. Should one's goal in life be to achieve perfection even though it is, for all intents and purposes, out of man's reach?

  3. Why did G-d command us to emulate Him when by definition He is perfect and we are imperfect?

  4. If in the days of the Moshiach the world will have reached a state of perfection, does that mean that each individual will have achieved perfection? Can a perfect world have imperfect people?

  5. Presently, we spend our time trying to perfect ourselves and the world. If and when the world and its inhabitants achieve perfection, what will we do all day?
What do you think?

Binyamin – always looking for a good question.

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