"We are closer to G-d when we are asking the questions, than when we think we have the answers" Heschel

Monday, May 10, 2010


FNQ – 5 q's for the week

Jerusalem. Its very name touches the souls of billions. Its stones echo the cries of a nation yearning to see it rebuilt and returned to its former glory. It is the city where kings are crowned and prophets are made. It is the place where the divine presence rests and the place where the Jewish people gather. It is our heart and soul, our eyes and ears, and it is the gateway to heaven. To live in an age where a Jewish flag flies over Jerusalem is to live and witness that which others could only dream of. With Yom Yerushalayim (the day we celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967) approaching I wanted to ask 5 questions about our holy city. Come back on Wednesday (Yom Yerushalayim) for my thoughts.

  1. Why have so many nations and empires fought over the right to call Jerusalem their own?

  2. How do we properly mourn the destruction of Jerusalem in a time when it is more built up than any other time in our history?

  3. What will come first – Moshiach or the light rail?

  4. Should non-residents be allowed to buy apartments in Jerusalem since this drives up prices and potentially makes it financially prohibitive for people who live permanently in Jerusalem to buy apartments ? Additionally, should non-residents consider that by buying in Jerusalem and not living there, certain neighborhoods turn into ghost towns?

  5. Have the Jewish people shown G-d (through actions) how grateful they are for the miracles He performed for us in 1967? If you were G-d would let your children keep this gift?
What do you think?

Binyamin – always looking for a good question

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