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Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Shiur - Parshat Vayetzei

"Better to throw yourself in a fire than embarrass others" - lessons from the self sacrifice of Mother Rachel.

Unfortunately I didn't find the time to share a thought on zealousness this week.  However, my brother Shalom made an important correction that the name Elkana is actually spelled with a heh and not an alef which means that my new nephew's name has nothing to do with zealousness.  I apologize to the little guy for misrepresenting his identity in the first week of his life.

The shiur I am posting is about the incredible actions of Rachel in giving the simanim to her sister Leah.  Have a great shabbos.

Audio Shiur
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Monday, November 8, 2010

FNQ – 5 q's for the week


In honor of my new nephew, named Elkana (zealous for G-d), I would like to pose a few questions on the topic of zealousness. Those who act in a radical and zealous fashion are a constant source of fiery debate and discussion.  Their actions are endlessly challenged and questions regarding them are always provocative.  The past generation has seen its share of Jewish zealots and while no one in this world can know whether their actions were desirable or repulsive in G-d's eyes, I believe that their commitment to a cause and willingness to make sacrifices is laudable. Here are 5 questions about zealots. Come back later in the week for some thoughts on this subject.

  1. Is zealousness something we should all aspire to or is the kind of thing that is for some but not all?
  1. Pinchas is the Biblical example par excellence of a zealot. How is his reward of a covenant of peace fit for his zealous actions?
  1. Has our western sensibility taken away our ability to be zealous?
  1. If so is that a good thing? If not, where are all the zealots?
  1. Is there any litmus test to determine whether a zealot is in fact acting for the sake of heaven or not?
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

FNQ announcement – A zealot breaks forth into the world

I would like to give a Mazal Tov to Shalom and Batya (Tifferet, Emunah and Tuvia) on the brit and naming of their son and brother Elakana Peretz. He was born last motzei shabbat on the 23rd of Cheshvan and the brit was this morning in their community of Adam. May they be zocheh to raise him to Torah, chuppah and maasim tovim. Mazal Tov!!!!

Some recordings from this wonderful occasion can be found below. There is also a link to a video with highlights from Yoni and Ariel's wedding. Enjoy, and may the simchas keep on coming.

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