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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mazel Tov to Yoni Miller (my brother) and Ariel Abrams on their engagement

FNQ – announcement

We would like to wish the חתן (Yoni Miller) and כלה (Ariel Abrams) a big mazel tov.  They should be zochim to build a bayit neeman b'yisrael. The engagement was Friday at Kever Shmuel Ha'navi and last night (motzei shabbos) there was a beautiful l'chaim at my parent's home in Yerushalayim. The following are links to the beautiful words that were shared at the l'chaim.

עוד ישמע בערי יהודה ובחוצות ירושלים קול ששון וקול שמחה קול חתן וקול כלה

The party continues today with the Pidyon Ha'ben of my son Matanya Yisrael. Come back tomorrow or the next day for the speeches and (hopefully) exclusive video footage from the redemption ceremony. We should continue going from simcha to simcha (though a little sleep in between would be great).

What do you think?

Binyamin – always looking for a good question


  1. It is so wonderful to receive these e-mails! It helps us to feel a part of the B"H simchas in the Miller family. We wish Yoni and Ariel a huge mazel tov - to the parents and the whole beautiful family! Mazel tov on the upcoming Pidyon Ha'ben of the darling Matanya Yisrael. Please give him a kiss on the keppie from us. My heart is filled with joy for these gifts from Hashem! May He continue to bless all of us with simchas!
    All our love, the Rosenthals

  2. mazal tov mazal tov! i eagerly await pictures of the pidyon - so beautiful to have so many smachot!