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Sunday, November 7, 2010

FNQ announcement – A zealot breaks forth into the world

I would like to give a Mazal Tov to Shalom and Batya (Tifferet, Emunah and Tuvia) on the brit and naming of their son and brother Elakana Peretz. He was born last motzei shabbat on the 23rd of Cheshvan and the brit was this morning in their community of Adam. May they be zocheh to raise him to Torah, chuppah and maasim tovim. Mazal Tov!!!!

Some recordings from this wonderful occasion can be found below. There is also a link to a video with highlights from Yoni and Ariel's wedding. Enjoy, and may the simchas keep on coming.

Binyamin – never asks any questions about family simchas

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