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Thursday, October 28, 2010

FNQ – 5qs for the week

Building or destroying

Last moztei shabbos I had the pleasure of seeing the inside of the newly re-built Churva Shul (destroyed shul) in the old city of Jerusalem for the first time. As I stood in awe of its breathtaking grandeur and striking beauty I couldn’t stop myself from asking a few questions about the deeper meaning of the rebuilding of this fairly ancient and previously destroyed synagogue. The re-dedication of this shul is in many ways a powerful of sign of our nation's advancement towards redemption. However, simultaneously as this shul was being re-built our government was/is freezing and halting the continued attempts to settle many areas in the heart of our ancient land. The following are 5 questions on these strange times. Come back later in the week for some thoughts on this topic.
  1. Why keep the name Churva?
  1. Can a building be physically built and spiritually remain destroyed?
  1. How do we relate to a government that builds and destroys our country at the same time?
  1. How can we distinguish between destruction which is needed for further building and destruction which is permanent?
  1. “If G-d will not build the house in vein do its builders labor on it” (Psalms 127) How are we supposed to know if G-d is helping the builders or the destroyers?
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