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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purim – a world with no evil

FNQ thought for the week
What is the connection between the mitzvah to remember Amalek and the celebration of Purim?

The connection between Purim and Amalek is well established. On both the Shabbos preceding Purim and on Purim itself we read the two Torah portions that describe the heinous crimes of Amalek. Furthermore, the Megilah says that Haman was a descendant of the Amalekite king Agag. All of these connections merely show that the celebration of Purim and remembering/destroying Amalek are related. I would like to explore that relationship.
We live in a very imperfect world. Unlike in movies and comic books, in the real world evil often prevails. Terrorists get what they want, criminals escape unpunished and good people remain unnoticed and unrewarded. The Divine master plan remains hidden as we struggle to apply the notion that everything G-d does is for the best.

While this may be the only reality that we know, such a reality is not permanent. A time will come when evil will be recognized and good will be rewarded. The celebration of Purim is a momentary taste of that perfect world. On Purim we drink wine not as a temporary and pathetic escape from our present and depressing reality, but as a sublime and glorious glimpse of the Utopian future.

To prepare for Purim we commit ourselves to the vanquishing of evil through the mitzvah of remembering and destroying Amalek. Once we have reaffirmed our dedication to rid the world of evil we can merit the momentary porthole into a world where pain and sadness disappear and all that we feel is joy and ecstasy in the service of G-d. May we merit entering this parallel universe otherwise known as Purim.

What do you think?

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  1. is there a way to post questions that we have for you? not necessarily on this topic, but in general

  2. Certainly, you can write them as a comment to any post and i will look at them. If i think i can answer them i will.