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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Esther and Achashverosh - Better to die than sin?

I give a weekly shiur in Tanach called - Stories that make you go hmm.   They can be found on the sidebar.  This is my latest shiur about the very strange relationship between Esther and Achashverosh.

These are some of the questions I address in this shiur:

  1. Was Ester forced to marry Achashverosh or did she do it willingly?
  2. Does a Jew have to die to avoid a sexual relationship with a non-Jew?
  3. Is there a difference between men and women in this rule?
  4. How was it permitted for Esther to ultimately initiate a relationship with Achashverosh? 
  5. Is one allowed to commit one of the 3 grave sins (adultery, idolatry, murder) in order to save other Jews?

This is the shiur and this is the source sheet - tell me what you think.

Binyamin - always looking for a good question

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