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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audio from Yoni and Ariel's Wedding

FNQ Exclusive

As promised  here are a few audio clips from the holy wedding of Yoni and Ariel Miller that can only be found at this site.  For those who had the honor of being there it will give you a chance to relive some of the highlights.  And for those who could not make it you will get a glimpse of the awesome simcha of this event.  Enjoy!!!!!!! My plan is that this blog will return to its regular schedule next week.  (Questions of the week, Thought of the week and parsha thought.)   There will also be a new parsha shiur recording (of a shiur of mine) that I will try to put up every week.

Chosson's Tish - lot's of good cheer.  (l'chaims taking place left and right)

Im Eshkachech - a beautuiful rendition by Shlomo Katz with a Torah from the mesader kiddushin

Divrei Bracha from Rav Steinberg - a beautiful thought about this holy moment.

Divrei Bracha from Rav Machlis - holy words about the chosen and kalla.

Yoni's Eishet Chayil - a nigun composed special for the wedding (sorry for the low quality of the recording)

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